Sunday, September 30, 2007

Is Calling Someone a "Loser" Catholic?

I don't think so. But for a while, this video is hysterical - Bill Donohue talking about dildos, sex toys and jockstraps. He warms to his topic - he knows he's got a winner here. He's confident that he can bring Miller beer to heel: "Miller doesn't know what they're in for!" Bill understands the medium, and his audience.

His adversary doesn't, saying these boycotts, like one attempted against Walmart, have failed. Donahue, not to have his effectiveness at bullying questioned, jumps in, dismissively, "We won that one buddy - keep up to date." His adversary makes the ludicrous point that this Fair isn't a problem in San Fransisco.

But Bill goes to far. Arrogant with a clear win, he becomes mean. After the commercial break, Donahue's takes advantage of his last words to issue a gratuitous insult: "You're a loser!"

So mean, and so un-Christian.

Apparently Fox News did too - they cut out the last, disturbing turn in their version.


Sheldon said...

William Donahue sure is a whack job! By the way, found your blog through your sparring with an Islamist blog. Very interesting, good job.

Sweating Through fog said...

Yes. There are wack jobs on all sides of these issues!