Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Mad Men" - More About Today than Yesterday

I very much enjoyed the show, and find it hard to wait till it resumes next year.

I enjoyed it primarily as a reflection on the attitudes of today. The writers focus on a vary narrow slice of 1960s life in order to make some pretty heavy-handed points that illustrate the radical truth of today:
1) marriage is a soul-killing, exploitative institution, devoid of love, fidelity or tenderness.
2) men are obsessed with wealth, status and power, and completely lack compassion or empathy
3) the only men worth studying are the top 1% that have economic and media power
4) cultural beliefs are a complete fabrication, created to serve the interests of a small group of manipulative, powerful men.
5) such fabricated attitudes are so pervasive, and so persuasive that they make it impossible for any woman to find legitimate happiness.

So when I watch it I like to reflect on what our era will seem like 50 years from now. What kind of standards will we be judged on? From the perspective of 50 years hence, what will seem important, what will seem unjust, what will seem ludicrous? What will tomorrow's radical truth be, and what role do we play in it?

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