Monday, October 15, 2007

Sadness and Gratitude for a Soldier's Sacrifice

As someone who originally supported the war, and has since become saddened and disillusioned the painful, hate-filled political football it has become, I was moved by this latest Christopher Hitchens essay.

How sad it is that fine, brave young men like Mark Dailey have to die. I"m overcome with wonder that our country, in what seems like a selfish, narcissistic age, still produces men like this. Men who go to war and risk their lives for the noblest principles, and somehow maintain them even in the face of such a brutal mess.

May he rest in peace.


Donald Douglas said...

I posted on the Hitchens piece as well. Mark Daily's family lives not far from my home.

Sweating Through fog said...

Thanks for stopping by, and I see from your blog that we have some things in common. I'll add you to by blogroll