Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why Gender Bias is Different

My fun with Privilege Lists the other day made me realize something.

I started with the "Male Privilege Checklist" and discovered that the privilege list paradigm had its origin in an older White Privilege List. Feminists like to make the claim that gender bias isn't any different than racial, ethnic or religious bias. The hurt is the same, the unfairness is the same. What they - Feminists and their opposing Men's Rights advocates - don't realize is that they have a fundamental hope that the other bias victims lack.

The hope is that they can be reasonably sure, on average, that their children will suffer less bias than they have. Even if nothing is done to address bias, they can reasonably expect their descendants will suffer no bias, on average. Feminists get this for free. Men's Rights advocates get this for free. Victims of ethnic or religious bias don't have that hope.

So gender bias really is different.


KellyMac said...

How do you figure our children will not suffer the same bias, when it gets worse with each new law?

Sweating Through fog said...

If you are a feminist you are as likely to have male children as female children. Same if you are a MRA. So if I believe I suffer bias, my children will on average suffer less bias. On average, my descendants will be half male and half female.

KellyMac said...

Sorry to be a pessimist, but feminism hurts us all.

The bias against males is that you are all potential rapists, who would like nothing more than to knock up countless helpless women and then leave the country to avoid paying child support.

The bias against females is that if we choose to acknowledge the fundamental differences between the sexes and be feminine, we are treated with contempt by our far more enlightened sisters. If we don't try to be men, we are somehow less as women.

I just see it getting worse before it gets better.