Friday, December 7, 2007

Christopher Hitchens - Today's H.L. Mencken

I'm so glad this courageous man, Christopher Hitchens has decided to become an American citizen. We need men like that. Just reading him shred Mitt Romney, for his windy, worthless speech is astonishing.

I agree with him sometimes, not always, but he is someone I admire greatly. Sometimes when I write I imagine myself trained in his gunsights, and I go back and think some more about what I am saying. A good thing.


hedera said...

Very nice article by Christopher Hitchens, I'd missed that.

jeff said...

I spend way too much time watching Hitchens' debates on youtube and google video. I like his snarkiness a good deal of the time. He's sort of like a really snarky Bertrand Russell.

I think he also offers an interesting example of the fact that we all have particular blinders--I find his dialog around, say, the Iraq war to be much weaker than his dialog around religion. I think it's not just because I disagree with him on Iraq a good deal of the time; it just seems like he doesn't have as much intellectual rigor there. We're all guilty of this, of course, but it stands out with him, for me, because he does have such a logical mind.