Thursday, December 6, 2007

This Gives Me Chills

A find this story deeply troubling. A young girl who killed herself because of a cruel Myspace prank. Who did it, and why they did it. I'm just speechless.


hedera said...

There's something wrong with your link - I click on it and get a string of HTML. I read HTML but only when I'm debugging web sites.

However, I think I read the same story this morning - the girl in Missouri who hanged herself because someone had invented MySpace personalities and used them to torment her. This is actually getting worse according to 2 AP articles this week:

First, the neighbors concluded from the newspaper evidence that this woman, Lori Drew, was responsible for the girl's death, and are threatening to "take matters into their own hands" if Ms. Drew and her family don't "get out of town." (Nobody mentioned a rail, tar and feathers but they may think of it yet.)

Second, a follow-up article today suggests that someone may be impersonating Lori Drew, blogging on the Internet about the case, in her name.

If you go to AP and search on "myspace suicide" you can read them both.

I agree with you, the entire situation is sick-making.

Sweating Through fog said...

Thanks for pointing out the link - I replaced it with a story from ABC.