Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hillary Wants to Garnish Wages

She says that "going after peoples wages" is one of the ways of dealing with people who won't buy Hillarycare. Of course she says she'll make it "affordable" but what that means is:

1) Illegal immigrants can't "afford" anything in her eyes (even though many make enough cash to send $20 billion home ) - so they'll get the same care as everyone else, and pay nothing. Even more incentive to come here, and less incentive to become legal and became W-2 serfs like the rest of us. Cash is King!

2) Of course single mothers can't "afford" to pay the full amount, so they'll get a free ride too. Why get married? Why stay married? Why even bother to have a job? - especially when your ex-husband's or ex-lover's W-2 can be garnished on top of what gets taken out for child support.

Some questions naturally come to mind, hard questions that none of the plans dare to address honestly.
1) Is dental and orthodontic care covered?
2) How about mental health care? Wellbutrin, Prozac etc, for people that feel anxious or depressed? Or for people that just feel unhappy?
3) Will universal health care pay for medical marijuana?
4) How about fertility treatments - the UK is considering paying for surrogate parenting.
5) How about abortions?
6) How about Viagra? Birth control?
7) How about affirmative action for health care? With scarce resources and past injustice, why not take race, ethnicity and gender into account when allocating expensive treatments? If race can be a factor in university admissions, why can't it be a factor in arranging heart transplants? Lawyers and courts will love this one!
8) For a married, working couple that refuses to buy insurance - which spouse gets their wages taken?
9) What about civil unions - whose wages get taken?

Regarding 1) and 2) on Billary's website, they have separate plan descriptions for different groups of constituancies. Apparently Hispanics need dental care . . .

Through the Health Choices Menu of Senator Clinton’s plan, all Americans will be able to choose and afford an insurance plan that covers mental health services and dental care in most cases, just like the plans available to Members of Congress.

. . .while women really, really need mental health care (their plan says nothing about dental care)

Major depression and dysthymia, a type of mood disorder, affect twice as many women as men, regardless of racial and ethnic background or economic status.13 The plans in the new Health Choices Menu, which provides the high quality care that Members of Congress receive, cover mental health care services to the same extent that they cover physical illnesses.

Woman, are, of course, special. They get an explicit promise of coverage, and they don't even need a job:

Under the American Health Choices Plan, every woman will be covered regardless of employment or marital status.

. . . and an explicit promise that marriage is irrelevant (for women, anyway):

Women will receive a refundable, income-contingent tax credit that ensures that they never have to decide between paying their health premiums and providing for their children’s basic needs.

Affirmative action in health care policy is the natural next step, considering that the plan is - at its inception- already balkanized. It is nothing more than a medley of policy treats that are promoted specifically as a means of addressing past bias against favored groups. Ethic groups are promised that there will be subsidized training for health care providers to learn their native language - and also be taught to "respect cultural differences." Note that the ethnically and racially targeted plan descriptions promise to "Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care", while the plan description targeted to women promises to "end the persistent disparities in health outcomes between women who have access to health care and those who do not." Apparently Billary doesn't want to let woman know that their care might suffer to make things better for minorities. Why be realistic? - it is all politics.

I've checked the plan descriptions for women and Hispanics. Each highlight the areas where the current system is unfair to the group in question. Now, you would think that one unfairness in the current system is that the life expectancy for men is 5.6 years less than women. Think that's a serious problem? Bill and Hillary could care less. Note that their "plan to fight cancer" mentions mammograms and pap smears - not a word about prostrate cancer. Woman and Hispanics get their own plan description, along with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders - but men don't warrant a plan description of their own.

The reason men don't warrant their own plan description is simple. We'll wind up with a health care system that is all about providing special services to favored constituencies, and the responsibility to pay for all of this - whether through taxes or the wages that Hillary garnishees - will be borne primarily by men.

Despite my libertarian leanings, I support universal health care. I agree with Michael Moore when he wonders why, if we can provide free health care to prisoners in Guantonimo, why we can't provide the same for Americans? So I support basic, routine and catastrophic health care for all American citizens. Not dental care, not mental health care. Preventative care - yes. But if you are unhappy in life, or frustrated about the hand that you've been dealt, see a counselor or a clergyman - not a doctor (unless you want to pay out of pocket). Health care should be paid by tax dollars and administered by a politically independent body whose governors are appointed to lifetime tenure. Since governments are always less efficient than the market, we'll have lower quality health care, on average, and higher costs in total.

But it will be fairer, and more humane.


spree said...

Good piece!!!

Youareasdeepasfog said...

Good Piece? I guess depends on who's reading it.

Not that I can admit to reading the whole thing. After the second "point", I got overwhelmed by the writer's righteous anger.

Maybe the writer can start a holy war (hmm, maybe this is the wrong context to use those words? maybe) against all those people in America who are getting a free ride. Better do it soon, before they go for a doctor check up with the healthcare they don't deserve.

The Chief said...

Terrific post (it's too bad that the commentor currently just above me--unless you quite justifiably remove it--couldn't take the time to actually read it). I do have to disagree with you at the end, wanting a truncated version of universal health care. Do you honestly believe it would stop at "basic, routine and catastrophic health care?" Can you name any government program that has stayed within an initial narrow range? Your plan may seem reasonable, but it would metastasize into Billarycare and then beyond with a few generations.

Sweating Through fog said...


Thanks for stopping by!

I agree with you - it is almost impossible to stop a government program from growing uncontrollably, and being used to provide goodies to favored groups. That is the nature of the beast.

I support it in principle, as something a humane society ought to do. In practice I am deeply suspicious of any plan advanced by politicians now, and I would only support my plan if it was accompanied radical, permanent cuts in the rest of government.

Shazza Nakim said...

Hillary's health Plan does not Garnish Wages. This is pure propaganda.

The Plan Hillary Clinton proposes works on the same order as Unemployment Insurance and Social Security. The off set will be the amount of Taxes cuts that you pay into the government (if you make below a set amount annually).

By ending the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, the amount that will be recovered will then be placed in the a subsidy fund as well as appropriated funds which the US has. The amount more than covers everyone in the United States which is less than what the US is paying for in Iraq in a 30 day period. Along with the the Universal Health Care Fund, programs for Preventive Health Care will be established, the repealing of the the Bush rulings which allowed Pharmaceuticals Companies to maintain high prices on medicines, and the maintaining of the Children's health care package will make the overall program work.

For those that are unemployed, the existing medical programs will still exist but on a smaller scale since since Universal Health Care will fill in the gaps that the existing help care programs don't cover.

With Universal Health Care, individuals and businesses can Opt out or keep what they presently have which for the people with Home Businesses and Small Businesses, the savings can be re-invested into improvements which would normally put them under do to the cost of Health Care Insurance for employees.

There is this EXAGGERATION that Hillary's plan will RAPE people's paychecks and it is not true. As it currently stands, American do not complain about Unemployment Insurance (which is maintained by the States) nor do they make issue with Social Security (the only issue is will there be enough come retirement). The one thing that Both Hillary and Obama have yet to talk about which is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than each distorting health Plans are the TAX CODES and IRS restructioning.

Sweating Through fog said...

Thanks or your comment.

Hillary's Health care plan will "go after the wages" of people who fail to follow mandates to buy insurance - her words. The government sets rates that it - in its infinite wisdom - considers affordable. And people either buy this (private) insurance at the stated rate, or they see the "government after their wages."

As I said in my note, I support universal, single payer insurance for all citizens, funded by taxes. Hillary's plan makes a bad system worse.

It doesn't work like unemployment insurance. I am not forced to buy such insurance from a private insurer - the government underwrites the insurance and makes a deduction from everyone's paycheck. I'm not forced to write a check to a private insurance company.

Like all such scams, there is a promise of better quality care lower cost. Name me another government program that lowered costs and improved quality for a service. It won't happen - there is a cost to this, and politicians are being dishonest.

". . .nor do they make issue with Social Security" There are lots of people that realize that Social Security is a lousy deal for them, and they do complain about it. Lots of people complain about the regressive nature of it's payroll tax.

"The one thing that Both Hillary and Obama have yet to talk about which is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than each distorting health Plans are the TAX CODES and IRS restructioning."

That we can agree on. It is an unai mess.