Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Challenge of Paraniod Outreach

I love reading nasty, contentious feminist threads and blog wars. This one is funny! It's by Black Amazon about her experiences at Woman and Media 2008. Since I read her blog a lot I wasn't at all surprised that her experience was one of being watched, silenced, and stared at. I'm sure she she brought the same open-minded, welcoming attitude to this event that she does to all her other experiences of martyrdom. She says "Fuck Seal Press." Apparently there is some vendetta there - one of the many that she clings like battle ribbons.

So someone from Seal Press posts a comment in response:
Seal Press here. We WANT more WOC. Not a whole lotta proposals come our way, interestingly. Seems to me it would be more effective to inform us about what you'd like to see rather than hating.
I guess she was reacting to "Fuck Seal Press" and I'm also guessing she was hoping for proposals from Women of Color. I'd be surprised if she wanted anything from BA herself, since the upper end of the BA market tops out at the 11 or so fanatical acolytes that find her disjointed rants about being silenced deeply gratifying. Publishers look at things like readability and spelling, and it would take a team of editors weeks to straighten out even a short BA piece. So I'm sure she wasn't fishing for submissions from BA

Seal Press was probably concerned because BA has some strange hold on feminists. They give her a deference that is astonishing among a group of people who consider themselves uncommonly wise about social nuances. More than one has felt themselves compelled to apologize because they didn't treat one of her silly rants like an encyclical. Feminists desperately crave approval from WOC because their relative lack of "privilege" mans they have near divine status within the moral pecking order of leftist analysis. Paranoia that would be easily spotted in other people is hidden because the targets of suspicion and hatred conform to the feminist world view.

The reaction to the entreaty is a typical example of feminist junior-high lunchroom table politics. "Misappropriating language" - i.e. "she's copying me!" Bear in mind that this person is approaching with an offer: send us something! BA and her praetorian guard rake through the offer to find a juicy, satisfying nugget of insult they can sink their teeth into. Finally the Seal Press person has had enough:

I appreciate the dialogue, ladies. First off, the blog feels very informal, and my language is in response to the language here:

1. You hate us.
2. We have nothing on WOC.

I get that you all engage best through negative discourse, but I find that too bad. It's not servitude when we pay our authors advances.

These people just came from a media networking conference! What a hoot!


Manju said...

Yeah, I was laughing my ass of at first too. But then I realized maybe BA is a poetic genius who sees things normal people can't. As I explained over at Renegade Evolution's blog:

OK, I think I see BA's Pt of view now. If you tell someone to fuck-off, the only appropriate response is to say; "No, you fuck-off, you worthless piece of shit" or something along those lines.

But instead, these condescending liberals try to engage BA. WTF? Is BA a child or something? Only if you see someone as weak do you withhold a well-deserved "fuck you back."

BA astutely saw thru these patronizing progresives and called them out. "Rude and disrespectful", indeed. Go BA.

Roy said...

"More than one has felt themselves compelled to apologize because they didn't treat one of her silly rants like an encyclical."

As I recall, my apology was prompted, in part, by a post BA made, but was actually not in regards to my treatment of her rants, but, rather, was in regards to my dismissing a different blogger's criticisms as "fucking insane" and accusing that blogger of arguing in bad faith.

Regardless of my personal feelings about BA, even a cursory glance at her blog should have made it clear that a comment like "Not a whole lotta proposals come our way, interestingly. Seems to me it would be more effective to inform us about what you'd like to see rather than hating." wasn't going to be received well.

And when you're talking about people who are acting in a professional capacity when they say things like "I just find it curious more than anything that you all are wasting your time hating"?

If they were looking for proposals, that was about the worst way to get them. What kind of professional goes into a hostile place and seriously thinks accusing the audience of engaging "best through negative discourse" is going to lead anyplace good?

Sweating Through fog said...


I'm anxiously awaiting BA's lecture series on business negotiation at Wharton.

This thread is an object lesson on professionalism and networking. The one thing that business teaches you is this: make your ego the essential stake in any potential business transaction. Offers should be salted with a claim about the potential partner's shortcomings. Offers should be inspected carefully for any taint of personal insult or condensation. Making public insults is the best way to break into a hesitant market. This way when you're out foraging for food you can do so with the inner satisfaction that you refused compromise with the hateful and malevolent forces that made success impossible.

But seriously, I don't have a dog in this playground fight. "She said it first!" I just found it highly amusing and wanted to point out this example of feminist lunacy to "normal" people.