Sunday, September 14, 2008

Even Libertarians are Nuts

I'll almost certainly "waste my vote" on the Libertarian candidate this year. But party loyalty only goes so far. This Libertarian-leaning comedian, Doug Stanhope, has created a website where you can contribute money to Bristol Palin to encourage her to get an abortion. The site is easily found if you are so motivated. What a repulsive idea. Lest you think something like this is beyond this pale, or an obvious joke, this lunatic is proud of her contribution.

The world is going nuts. No doubt the pro-choice extremists have no problem with a cash inducement for abortion, as an affirmation of Roe vs. Wade. After all, choice is one of those absolutes that must be unconditionally supported.

The world is going nuts.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Once again we see that "choice" only means "abortion". If she doesn't have an abortion, it's not "choice."

The Chief said...

Oh, THAT guy. I'd heard the name related to the story over the past few days but I'd forgotten which Z-list comedian who occasionally makes scale on Comedy Central he was. He's one of those two idiots who took over "The Man Show" after Adam and Jimmy left and turned one of the greatest television shows of all time into a steaming pile of excretia.

Well, I guess he's gotta get his name in the news somehow...