Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Smear is Born

This is pretty funny. Pandagon, Amanda Marcotte's left wing hate blog, claims to have found a ... a ... Smoking Gun! You see Sarah Palin is a rape enabler! Make sure you read the comments to see how they plan on using Sarah's signature on a financial document to cast her as pro-rape. Comments like:


Once this story makes it to the MSM the McCain/Palin candidacy is DEAD. As soon as I clear up a few details I’m going to e-mail this to every big city newspaper editor I can find. I would appreciate it if Amanda (or any commentor) could clarify the some minor points which I couldn’t quite pin down from the links in this post. Part of it may be that I’m just bad at interpreting the documents.
I think there’s enough in the HuffPo piece to spark an investigation even without further confirmation so I may go ahead in a couple of days anyway. What newspapers should I e-mail first? Would it be best to start with Andrew Sullivan, who really seems to be on Palin’s case lately?

The way to exploit this is through the fear that mid-stream Americans have about sexual predators attacking them or their loved ones.

Simple. If someone you loved was raped, or you were raped, you would want to have the best evidence possible to secure a conviction and keep the creeps off the street. Here there is no political will - in fact, there is strong political desire - to allow violent pervs to continue to run free.

One commenter had the sense to inject a note of reality:
I’m confused. You guys think that signature on a FINANCIAL STATEMENT means this was her idea or that she was even aware of the change? ROTFLMAO

Of course, this dose of cold water was ignored by all the leftist Karl Rove wannabees, too unwilling to part with their hopes of finding something that will end the appeal of this women. None of them seemed to realize that the issue has been out there for at least a week, and has found zero traction among the only people that matter: normal, everyday voters who are undecided.

Sure, make rape the central issue of this campaign. Bring it up at every campaign stop. Have Obama make an oration on it in each of the battleground states. After all, the persistence of the Patriarchy is one of those hot-button issues that sway voters.

They just can't help themselves.

For another good laugh, check out Dennis the Peasant's Amanda Marcotte Sentence of the Week.

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Carl Wicklander said...

Wow, they're using the Huffington Post as a reputable source? The Democrats must be searching DEEP to get something on Sarah Palin. I predict that the more they do that, the more votes they will drive away from their ticket.