Saturday, September 13, 2008

You Will Vote for The One...

Hat Tip: HillBuzz, a blog for disgruntled Hillary supporters. They bear a deep resentment towards Omama, and are gleefully cataloging the excesses of his supporters as they trash Sarah Palin. They very much want his "sexist" politics to be seen as the reason for his loss this year, so they have their day in 2012.

But these extreme Obama supporters aren't sexists - they just have a general hatred for Americans like Palin.

It is also worth taking a look at the differences in the way Charles Gibson treated Obama and Palin in their initial interviews. The full transcript of Sarah's interview reveals that the interview was edited to make her position on Russia seem less nuanced. Of course they took out Gibson's admission that he misquoted her ("I take your point on Lincoln's words."). And while it may be true that Sarah Palin didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was, it seems that Professor Gibson didn't know, either. Given a choice between two people, one that doesn't know something but is aware there is a gap in her knowledge, versus an arrogant poseur with a misguided confidence in his own knowledge, I'll take the first person every time.


Steve Gimbel said...

Wee bit of a false analogy here?

Obama rises from a working class family to go to Columbia University and graduate at the top of his class from Harvard Law, becoming editor of the Harvard Law Review. He then goes to the Senate where he shows he can work with the most conservative Republicans, people like Tom Coburn and Dick Lugar, finding places of agreement and using it to make the world safer and government by securing loose nukes, making government more transparent, and reforming ethics.

Palin, on the other hand, bounces from college to college, partying her ass off, gets a degree in communications that makes her qualified to be a local sportscaster. She becomes a mayor, takes the town which had a balanced budget and leaves them millions in the red because she couldn't competently manage a hockey rink project. She becomes governor because she is one of the few remaining Alaska Republicans not under indictment. This is someone without the intellectual firepower who is the least qualified person for a high position in recent memory.

McCain is 72 with cancer, his VP has a very good shot at ending up the POTUS if he wins. Anyone who isn't scared about Palin in the Oval Office is not paying attention or has partisan blinders.

This is the hardest, most complex job in the world. It doesn't seem unreasonable to ask that we put the smartest people possible in it.

Palin was only picked because McCain wanted Lieberman and the GOP powerful said no. "Mr. Maverick" didn't have the testicular fortitude to stand up to his party which was trying to shove Romney down his throat and in a screw you move, he chose Palin without vetting her. It shows a worrisome impulsiveness on his part and is a political and dangerous move.

Sweating Through fog said...


I'm not certain that the presidency is the hardest job in the world. Things that come to mind that are harder would be brain surgeon, major league shortstop, space shuttle commander and concert pianist. We tend to exalt the office, supposing that only someone with superhuman, almost Godlike, capabilities could master it.

There are really two separate aspect to a successful presidency. The first - Head of State - requires social grace, deftness, and ability to express the feelings of a nation. Academic skills are of little use there. The second, the executive aspect, requires skill at picking the right people, listening to competing advisers, and the ability to maintain leadership of political coalition as circumstances change. I'm not sure that academic skills have great usefulness there easier.

So your assertion that the presidency requires someone with extraordinary academic credentials - like Obama - is just plain wrong. If I were to rank Presidents of the 20th century by academic skills, I think Clinton, Carter, Hoover and probably Wilson would be at the top, and I don't see a president of historical greatness there. Reagan, FDR and Truman would be near the bottom of the list, and there are at least 2 great presidents there. So if there is some correlation between SAT scores and a successful presidency, I'm not seeing it.

No I'm not voting for any of these candidates, but if you are looking for a moderate, someone known for "reaching across the aisle" McCain should be your man. He has engaged in public, nasty fights with his own party, and allied himself with the other party on issues like immigration and campaign finance. If there is some issue where Obama has publicly fought his own party, I can't find it.