Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not Palin's Baby?

Sarah Palin is the perfect candidate to illustrate the fault lines within the left, and the pretenses of Democrats to care about families. See Daily Kos, claiming that Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trig Palin.

Sure, the Democrats care so much about women and families! Talk about the politics of personal destruction - sifting for dirt, to destroy not just the candidate, but her family.

Also worth reading: The Anchoress, responding to one of the "pro-women, pro-family" Democrats.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Real Palin Demographic

I won't vote for John McCain, because I want to dismantle the American overseas empire, while he wants to preserve it at all costs. I'm a libertarian, and I believe that Republicans have lost any Reagan-era credibility they had when they speak of small, limited government. I won’t vote for The One because I refuse to subscribe to any cult of personality that is based on a myth.

Nevertheless, I find the choice of Sarah Palin fascinating because of the problem she poses for the extreme left. They cast themselves as the champion of women and families, but this woman is a living illustration of how little the Democrats have to offer people like her.

First, she is married to a man, and she doesn't seem at all unhappy with her situation. This is problematic for disgruntled HRC Democrats. Joe "would you like some sugar with your restraining order, Ma'am?" Biden Democrats believe that women should be able to leave their marriages for any reason or for no reason, and that taxpayers and child support enforcement policies must be designed to make this choice a neutral one, with no economic consequences at all for mom and her children. The fact that she remains married to a man - after 20 years! - and has born 5 children with him is deeply troubling to Democrats.

The fact that she's been able to embark on a successful political career, and still have 5 children, is a thumb in the eye as far as Democrats are concerned. Democrats maintain that the freedom to have both children and a career requires government assistance, since men, by their very nature, have to be compelled by government to support women and their children. When a women chooses a lifelong partnership with a man, all she is doing is making a sneaky end-run around the government, selfishly consuming his wages and his labor directly from the source.

Second, she is a business owner, with her husband. While far from rich, they appear to be doing quite nicely. I'm guessing they have health insurance, so they don’t need the government to provide it. Unless she leaves her husband, the Democrats have nothing to offer her except for environmental regulations and higher taxes.

He husband is an oil worker! They draw income from the oil business! This is a big red flag, because to Democrats, anyone associated with petroleum, from the men on offshore oil rigs, to men driving oil trucks, to oil traders, to oil company managers, to oil company stockholders, are leeches on society, and defilers of nature.

She is a member of the NRA. Democrats don’t believe anyone, except for lesbians, should be allowed near guns.

She is an anti-abortion Christian. This is anathema to Democrats. Democrats believe that abortion should be a free choice, with no economic or personal consequences, right up to the moment of birth, at the very least. Abortion should be free of charge, funded completely by the public, and available without the slightest inconvenience to any female, of any age, of any citizenship status. Taxpayer-funded abortion clinics should be as ubiquitous as Starbucks, and rural women and children should be provided with a taxpayer-funded stretch limo and a driver to take them to the nearest clinic. It should be illegal for anyone - especially parents - to discourage abortion, or even hint that the decision has a moral dimension.

McCain didn’t choose her because he is trying to get disgruntled Hillary supporters. He is after a completely different and much larger demographic. He is trying to appeal to women that are married to men they don’t hate. Women who are relatively happy with their lives, relatively conservative on social issues, who aren't lawyers and either didn’t go to college, or went to college and avoided Womens Studies courses. Women who are ambivalent about abortion. Women who have managed their lives successfully enough to pay taxes every year. That is a very different demographic than disgruntled Hillary supporters.

I'm part of the demographic he's after, even though I'm a man. I've got a lot more in common with her than I do with the predatory law firm of Obama & Biden.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biden Wants To Fund Your Wife's Lawyer

It comes out of no where. You're sitting with your family having dinner, and the police show up at your door. It seems your wife has - for any reason or for no reason whatsoever - decided to make a complaint against you. She tells the police you threatened her, and she feels afraid.

From that point on, you're at the mercy of the police and court system, and any constitutional presumption of innocence doesn't apply to you. Since your wife says she feels afraid, the police have no choice but to take you out of the house in handcuffs. Since you've now been arrested for "domestic violence" your wife can easily get a restraining order against you, preventing you from ever seeing your kids again.

You can thank Joe Biden - one of the sponsors of the Violence Against Women Act - for the situation you are in. The VAWA ensures that she has the full weight of the legal system on her side. You can be dragged out of your house and separated from your children based on nothing other than her say so.

But even that isn't enough for Joe. Now he wants to be sure that your wife has the benefit of free legal council so she can sue for total custody and child support payments.

This is why any man that thinks the Democrats have their interests in mind is nuts. The only families the Democrats care about are families headed by single moms and gays.